In December 2015, on our first tour, we performed The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams, at shelters, senior centers, and prisons in NYC. Then, in the summer of 2017, we teamed up with Opera House Arts (OHA) in Stonington, Maine for a tour to nontraditional venues throughout the state of Maine, as well as performing at the Burnt Cove Church in Stonington, as part of OHA's summer season.

Tennessee Williams calls for abundant music in the play, and our composer, Ethan Philbrick, created beautiful original music inspired by the poetry of two of Tennessee Williams’s favorite poets, Hart Crane and e.e. cummings, to accompany the play.

I was inspired to love again.
— Inmate, women's federal prison, Brooklyn
Mrs. Wingfield was such a strong willed woman bringing up two kids without a father. Please come back again. You guys are great.
— Client, homeless shelter, Queens
I’m a domestic violence legal advocate. I’ve come to the jail for a year and a half. This is the first time I’ve heard laughter + seen smiles. Thank you!
— Employee, regional jail, Maine
It was my first play and it was amazing!
— Inmate, regional jail, Maine
Each person in the play was a power to behold.
— Client, senior center, Queens
The break in the mundane of the light and laughter was a poetry of words. It warmed me. Laughter and light. A medicine for the soul of pure enjoyment.
— Inmate, regional jail, Maine
Please come again. You made my day.
— Resident, nursing home, Stonington, ME
Thank you for coming to a place society tells you is supposed to be scary and offering us this opportunity.
— Inmate, men's prison, Maine
I loved it so much. I never saw theater before. So great. Thank you.
— Resident, nursing home, Stonington, ME
A great light has come to a very dark place!! Thanx.
— Inmate, regional jail, Maine
Dope, everything dope.
— Inmate, men's prison, Maine
Sensitive, reflective, personal. So many human themes. Thank you for sharing your gifts—come back!
— Client, homeless shelter, Bangor, ME
It filled me with joy to watch this play.
— Inmate, regional jail, Maine
Your play is the best play I ever seen. Will you come back? It would be good to see you one more. Thank you.
— Inmate, women's federal prison, Brooklyn
I remember my family, especially my mother. She wants better things for her children.
— Resident, senior housing, Bronx
Leave the jerk at home! We don’t like 2timers! [in reference to The Gentleman Caller]

Jedadiah has a lot of potential and looks very dreamy. [in reference to the actor playing The Gentleman Caller]
— Inmates, women's federal prison, Brooklyn
Good job :-) and I feel like it was real and that I was there.
— Client, homeless drop-in center, Manhattan

Collaborative Team

Tom:  Will Shaw*

Amanda:  Cherie Corinne Rice*

Laura:  Sylvia Kates*

Gentleman Caller:  Jedadiah Schultz*

Musician (Maine tour):  Ryan Pater*

Musician (NYC tour):  James David Larson*

Stage Manager (Maine tour):  Luis Santiago*

Stage Manager (NYC tour):  Angela Kiessel*

Workshop Stage Manager (NYC):  Tierney Nolen*

Set Design & Construction:  Jacques Roy

Costume Design:  Michelle Ridley

Composer:  Ethan Philbrick

Playwright:  Tennessee Williams

Director: Per Janson

*These actors and stage managers appeared courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.

NYC tour presented by arrangment with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Maine tour presented by arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.


Special thanks to Opera House Arts in Stonington, Maine, who hosted us for a wonderful residency in the summer of 2015, where we developed this production, and who co-produced our 2017 Maine tour.


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Our 2017 tour in Maine was funded in part thanks to the contributions of 170 individual donors (thanked on our donate page) who contributed to our Fractured Atlas crowdfunding campaign.  



Our 2015 NYC tour was funded thanks to the generosity of 129 individual donors (thanked on our donate page) who contributed to our successful Kickstarter campaign.

Thank you, friends!